About us

The Story Of Our Journey

The organization and was established basically to support the disadvantaged children, orphaned children, support the elderly who cannot afford basic needs, skill the youths through craft-making, farming and also music.  The organization also empowers single mothers who have been abandoned by their spouses, those chased by their parents due to family disgrace.

Millions of children in African and Uganda as a whole have no or little access to good shelter, education, clothing, food and health care. Due to this misfortune there is high mortality rate in Africa and children not being able to achieve their potential.

What, Why and How we do it?

Heart of Heaven Foundation is deeply concerned about the wide range of conditions that increasingly affect the standards of living among the young people mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds. We have witnessed first – hand how HIV/AIDS, family breakdown, depression, low respect for human rights and financial instabilities, have destroyed hopes and opportunities of mainly vulnerable young people in Uganda.

Meet Our Team


CEO/ Founder

RONALD is a committed Christian. He has sacrificed all his effort to help children and also find people, individuals, schools, churches who believe in supporting children. He is talented in music and drama.


Executive Director

WILLIAM is a God-fearing, talented, and creative person. He has to ensure that all the projects are smooth running with partners. He has worked on different projects for several years.



ALICE is a member of the Institute of certified public accountants. She has over 3 years of experience in accounting and financial management.


Technical Consultant

Geofrey Elimu is a God fearing and practising christian with over 7 years experience in information technology and project management.



Programme Manager

JOSEPH is a responsible man who has team spirit with a hardworking soul. He can associate and work with children with love. He’s educated to satisfy the organization’s work.


Heart of Heaven Foundation is entirely driven by young volunteers. The organization is overseen by 3 trustees, and they are citizens of high integrity and caliber. Members who are young people from the age of 5 years – 30 years are registered and organized through  teams located in various parts of the region. The board which is the supreme governing body of the organization is formed by team leaders and secretaries of the vision teams. Walugembe Ronald in the capacity of the director is in charge of the daily running of the organization as a volunteer. We don’t receive any State funding so our programs entirely depend on; flexible subscriptions by some of our members, generous donations from friendly individuals and organizations locally and internationally. 

Children with a loving family

Every baby needs the love of a mother.

Here is a mother of 4. These are her babies from the moment they arrive at Heart of heaven foundation home.

We make sure our babies receive the medical care, nutrition and love they desperately need. We are not only meeting their immediate physical and emotional needs, but are helping to give them the best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower vulnerable children, orphans, single mothers, and grannies to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take advantage of economic opportunity through sharing, training, research, education and make our world an amazing place.


Heart of Heaven Foundation  has helped to transform the lives of millions of the disabled and the disadvantaged children  in poor communities with in Uganda .

our Vision

Education, Health and compassionate world.

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