Welcome to Heart of heaven foundation

HEART OF HEAVEN FOUNDATION AFRICA is a Non-Profit Organization that has been established with the purpose


As the world continues to drift further into darkness, we can be a shining light unto the world. Music can be one of the most powerful tools to combat opposition and negativity and prepare our minds to receive the Spirit.

Income Generation Support

We train groups of orphans /other vulnerable children, the youth and equip them with necessary skills.

Youth Health Ambassadors

is an intensive program that trains young people as health peer facilitators that then run monthly emotional safety camps with an edutainment a

Water and Sanitati

With ever increasing incidences of water borne related illnesses, Child Link  has intensified its campaign towards provision of clean water.

We are taking a step forward to care for the ophans and you can join us to make a difference!

Create a Difference For the vulnerable children.

Together we can change the lives of the disadvantaged children.

Cloth Orphaned & Vulnerable Children

With a gift donation of just $10 you will be able to make a big difference in the lives of the orphaned and disadvantaged child in Africa

Support the elderly

Through your donations we can uplift the spirit of the elderly and give them hope through medical care, shelter, food and other basic needs.

Nutritious Meals

Invest in health for the future of these disadvantaged children. Your support ensures that children have enough food to eat and stay healthy

Training the youths

The youths are empowered with life skills that will enable them to earn an income. We therefore need your support to buy Carpentry Equipments.

Empower Single Mothers

We are standing with single mothers to provide them with skills and training so that they can be able have a daily income. 


To provide the greatest medical support, we offer an immediate medical care

OnGoing Projects

The impact of child poverty and deprivations in childhood can be irreversible and can transcend generations. In addition, poverty is one of the root causes of violence and the exploitation, abuse and neglect of children, such as child labor, trafficking, sexual exploitation and child marriage.

Work with Children

From working directly with communities in Uganda to advocacy at the international level, Heart of Heaven Foundation acts as a Bridge providing project implementation.

Community HIV Awareness

in a fight to contain the spread of HIV/AIDS  Heart of Heaven Foundation has engaged various stakeholders to ensure effective awareness and sensitizations of the masses about HIV/ 

Children Activities Project

The children’s project engages children in activities that help contribute to improving their education and boosting their Christian life. The project also involves children in games to promote body physical fitness.

Clean water Project

Water is still a big problem for us we need a clean water source and need funds to dig a water well so that we can have clean water pray for us as we work in hand to set up a clear water source for our children and the community.

HEART OF HEAVEN FOUNDATION AFRICA is a Non-Profit Organization that has been established with the purpose to support and empower orphans, vulnerable children, single mothers, and Grannies to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods and take advantage of economic opportunity through sharing, training, research, education.